Maximize Your Learning Platform’s Potential With These Integrations

These Learning Platform (LMS + Social Learning) Integrations Will Take Your Business to The Next Level

Let’s get something clear – great cloud-based software doesn’t operate in a silo – and your learning platform (LMS + Social Learning) is no exception.

Your learning technology must slot in naturally with your existing tech stack to help you to work more efficiently, keep learners engaged, and establish a robust and connected SaaS ecosystem that improves your business.

When choosing the learning platform that is right for your company, you have to understand how the system works with your existing software to maximize its full potential (and avoid logistical headaches).

To help you start your checklist of must-haves, we’ve compiled a list of the most important integrations to include with your learning platform.


To link up your talent acquisition efforts with your learning activities, your learning platform must have an integration with your HCM / HRIS solution.

Without this integration, you will have to manually cross-match your employee information with what is listed in your learning platform, creating potential misalignment across channels, and wasting time that could be better spent optimizing performance (or anything else for that matter!).

Whether you’re onboarding new hires, or simply tracking the progress of your existing employees, it pays to have a single source for all of your user information. Not only can you enjoy the automation of learning path assignment and dashboard creation, but this combo makes it easier to spot patterns related to career development, employee satisfaction, and retention.


What would a sales team do without their CRM system? When speed is the aim of the game, your team demands information at their fingertips, in the flow of work – something your learning platform can’t offer unless it integrates with your CRM software for facilitating sales enablement.

As a department that works heavily within a CRM, sales teams must have their learning …continue reading

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